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播撒青春 拥抱明天——润安公学幼小衔接校园开放日活动

2019-04-06 16:15:15


“Make your whole year's plans in spring, and your day's plan early in the morning.” Spring is the season of sowing and dreaming, and it’s more of a season for children to flourish.


We held open day activities based on the topic of continuity and transition from kindergarten to primary school in the international department of Run An Boarding School on March 29th, 2019,to let parents get to know the importance and the details of continuity and transition, and to make preschool children adapt to primary school learning and daily life in a better way as well.


In this blossoming season, we have been delighted to host preschool children from both Run AnBoarding School kindergarten and other kindergartens. Under the guidance of parents, the children visited the international department of Run AnBoarding School with longing and dreams.The children entered the campus happily and started the first stop of their dream.


Seeing the children coming in one by one, our teachers opened theirarmswarmlyto welcome them. We believe that under the careful cultivation of teachers and parents, their dreams will definitely come true!



  The experienced curriculum includes UOI, English, art, volleyball, visual art, etc. During the class, teachers created situation which is suitable for children to learn, supplemented by a variety of theme cards to develop inquiry learning activities. The children were actively involved in the class. The parents observed the class seriously, and the teachers focused on how to foster the children’s interests and habits of learning.




Check out the UOI class!The children’s potential was fulfilled, they explored and discovered with curiosity.

合肥润安公学  合肥润安公学


合肥润安公学  合肥润安公学

合肥润安公学  合肥润安公学



Check out the English class! Under the vivid guidance of the international teachers, the childrencombined the common sense of life with English, showing great interest.


合肥润安公学    合肥润安公学    合肥润安公学



Check out the volleyball class!The teacher told the rules, the children started to have fun with volleyball!


合肥润安公学    合肥润安公学    合肥润安公学

合肥润安公学          合肥润安公学




Check out the life art class! The children were diligent in thinking and willing to try, they did great job with various thinking and creativity.


合肥润安公学          合肥润安公学

合肥润安公学          合肥润安公学

合肥润安公学          合肥润安公学




Check out the visual art classThe childrenimagined, drew, and imitated the tiger.

合肥润安公学  合肥润安公学

合肥润安公学  合肥润安公学

合肥润安公学  合肥润安公学



After class, Wolly, the coordinator of Run An International Department, addressed the concerns of the parents in choosing the school for their children, elaborated the inquiry learning model, and the achievements that Run An Boarding School has made in past six years in implanting IB education.

合肥润安公学          合肥润安公学



  The open day has come to a successful end.We believed that the parents had a comprehensive understanding of the school's philosophy and characteristics, and the children also enjoyed the beautiful environment, interesting classand joyful campus in the process of visiting and experiencing.





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